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I was awarded my doctorate degree in year 2007 from the Department of Informatics,  University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, where I was part of the bioinformatics and machine learning group. I also collaborated with the computational biology lab, in the University of Warwick (UK).

My supervisors were Pr Jianfeng Feng and Dr Si Wu. Pr Hilary Buxton supervised me for the first part of my research. The internal examinor of my thesis was Dr David Young and my external examinor was Pr Roman Borisyuk.

After my Phd , i moved to Paris to work in a computer service company called Aricie, under the supervision of its CTO, Jean-Sylvain Boige. We were working on innovative web 2.0 solutions, using and extending the possibilities of the DotNetNuke CMS, based on the .Net framwork. I did some programming related to Aricie's own software, and some for various Aricie's customers, such as Sage, CrossKnowledge or the Wildlife Conservation Society.

I then worked for Systran, a company that provides machine translation solutions,  until december 2008, developing hybrid rule-based/statistical Machine Translation solutions.

Untill the beginning of march 2010, I was working as a postdoctorate researcher for Orange Labs, the Research and Developement unit of France Telecom, under the supervision of Malek Boualem, who works on multilingual text processing (notably, he developped the Multext mulitilingual text editor). My research focused on Cross Language Information Retrieval (CLIR). This is about search engines that can find relevant documents in a language different from the language of queries. As a part of this research project, I developped a Wikipedia-based query translation prototype.

I am currently starting (from march 2010) yet again a one year research contract, this time at the university of Le Mirail, in Toulouse, France, in the CLLE-ERSS lab that focuses its research on syntax and semantics. Employed by the CNRS, financed by the ANR project M3 (models and measurement of meaning), under the supervision of Bruno Gaume, i will research ways to compare paradigmatic graphs across languages.


Complex networks, lexicon and meaning

Graph Representation of Synonymy and Translation Resources for Crosslinguistic Modelisation of MeaningBenoît Gaillard, Yannick Chudy, Pierre Magistry, Shu-Kai Hsieh and Emmanuel NavarroWorkshop on model and measurement of meaning, PACLIC 24, Sendai, Japan, 2010 
From binary synonymy to near synonymy by optimal proxemy of lexical resourcesBenoît Gaillard, Emmanuel Navarrro and Bruno GaumeSKY symposium, "Re-thinking synonymy: Semantic sameness and similarity in languages end their description", Workshop on Computational Approaches to Synonymy, Helsinki, Finland, 2010. 
Invariants and Variability of Synonymy Networks: Self Mediated Agreement by ConfluenceBenoit Gaillard, Bruno Gaume and Emmanuel NavarroProceedings ACL 2011, XWorkshop TextGraphs-6: Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing 

Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval Publications

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Traduction de requêtes basée sur Wikipédia

Benoît Gaillard, Olivier Collin, Malek Boualem

 Proceedings of TALN 2010, Montréal, 19-23 juillet 2010.


Constitution d'une ressource sémantique issue du treillis des catégories de Wikipédia

Olivier Collin, Benoît Gaillar and Jean-Léon Bouraoui

Proceeedings of TALN 2010, Montréal, 19-23 juillet 2010.


Expansion de requêtes pour l'optimisation de la recherche d'information multilingue basée sur la traduction des contenus

Benoît Gaillard, Jean Léon Bouraoui, Emilie Guimier De Neef, Malek Boualem.

CORIA 2010, Conférence en Recherche d'Information et Applications, 18-20 mars 2010, Sousse, Tunisie.


Query translation using Wikipedia-based resources for analysis and disambiguation

Benoît Gaillard, Malek Boualem, Olivier Collin

Proc EAMT 2010 , 14th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation, Saint-Raphaël, France, May 27-28.


Semantic resource extraction from the Wikipedia category lattice

Olivier Collin, Benoît Gaillard, Jean-Léon Bouraoui, Thomas Girault.

FLaReNet Acquisition Workshop, LREC 2010, Malta, 23d-25th May 2010


Query expansion for cross language information retrieval improvement



Benoît Gaillard, Jean-Léon Bouraoui, Emilie Guimier De Neef and Malek Boualem

Proc. RCIS 2010 , fourth international conference on reseach challenges in information science, May, 19-21, Nice, France (à paraître)


Annotation of linguistic phenomena in query logs

Jean-Léon Bouraoui, Benoît Gaillard, Emilie Guimier De Neef, Malek Boualem.

Congreso Internacional de Lingüística de Corpus, May 2010, University of A Coruña, (To appear).



Publications and Phd dissertation in the field of computational neuroscience

A biologically inspired model of decision making controlled by random neural activityPhD dissertation.
Population Approach to a Neural Discrimination task. Gaillard, B., Feng, J., and Buxton, H. (2006). Biological Cybernetics, 94 (3) :180–191.
Modelling a visual discrimination task Gaillard, B. and Feng, J. (2005). Neurocomputing, 65-66:203–209.
Neuronal model of decision makingB.Gaillard, J. Feng, H. Buxton In Feng J., Qian M., and Jost J., editors, Networks: From Biology to Theory, pp. 111-132. Springer Verlag. (2006)


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